ComAgUAS exists to promote the professional use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in commercial and agriculture operations through leadership, certification, and advocacy.


FAA Coalition

Develop a coalition of industry stakeholders to address FAA airspace regulations and participate in future rules making procedures.

Regulatory Advocacy

Represent our membership to ensure that legislation and regulations do not stifle an environment of innovation and progress.


We all desire a safe airspace. ComAgUAS members seek to be responsible participants in low flight airspace.

Professional Accreditation

Certifications that go beyond regulatory requirements.


Certified UAS Operator & Data Collection Specialist - UASODCS

ComAgUAS certified professionals are tested on airspace knowledge, unmanned aerial system operations, and industry knowledge. They will possess the skills, knowledge and proficiencies to safely operate in their area of expertise.

Our programs will draw from top industry experts, continuously updated and expertly administered.

UAS Operator & Data Collection Specialist
Areas of Expertise:

  • Agriculture
  • Pipelines
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Hydroelectric
  • Wind Energy
  • Smokestacks
  • Bridges

FAA & DOT Knowledge

Operators will have knowledge on operating in FAA approved airspace. This will ensure that commercial and agricultural UAS operators with ComAgUAS designation are familiar with airspace requirements, terminology and conduct.

Unmanned Aerial System Operator

Unmanned aerial systems have unique operating characteristics. Operators must be proficient in all systems of semi-autonomous vehicles. The skills and the knowledge will ensure that commercial / agricultural operators of UAS can expertly control their sophisticated equipment.

Industry Knowledge / Risk Mitigation

Equally important is understanding the environment that we operate the UAS. Specific industry knowledge will required. Operators will know industry specific terminology. They will also recognize hazards and methods of risk mitigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your business considering adding UAS to your operations?

So many companies are seeing the potential of unmanned aerial systems, but they lack the information to confidently add these to their operations. ComAgUAS was created to help these companies integrate UAS and maintain a program of compliance and effectiveness.

Can anyone in our company operate a UAS?

Anyone who has passed a FAA approved test will be able to operate an UAS under the proposed rules. There is no limit to the number of operators in any one company, but each individual must be appropriately certified.

How do we stay up to date on all changing rules and the news?

ComAgUAS maintains multiple social media platforms; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat. We will continue to add ways to reach our members and the industry we serve. We value collaboration and education and are committed to do our part.

What is visual line of site and can I fly beyond VLOS?

Proposed FAA rules do not allow for an UAS to be operated beyond the unaided vision of the operator. This eliminates the use of UAS in many applications such as agriculture, pipelines and utility transmissions. ComAgUAS is dedicated to helping governmental agencies implement rules for the legitimate use of UAS beyond visual line of sight when the operators are properly trained, vehicles are properly equipped and the situation warrants this use.

What does a company membership include?

As a member, you will have access to multiple member benefits including certification programs, events and education. But the most important could be that you will have a voice in shaping this new industry. We need an engaged membership to be effective.

Can individuals join ComAgUAS as members?

Yes! We have an individual membership. However, company members receive a few additional benefits such as the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors. Ours is a large tent. Please join us!

Association Membership

Memberships Include: Contractors, Utilities, Engineering Firms, Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, IT Providers, COOPs, Equipment Dealers, Universities, Municipalities and Individuals

The Association of Commercial and Agricultural
Unmanned Aerial Systems